Event Videography


Graduations, dance recitals, corporate events, conferences, concerts, arangetrams, anniversaries, birthdays. There are many types of events that can benefit from high-quality video production. Wright Video Productions has experience shooting a wide variety of content, and we look forward to working with you to capture your event for years to come!

Live camera switching

Take your event video production to the next level with a full video crew and live production. We can produce your show with four or more manned cameras and a director that can communicate with each camera operator while switching between cameras for the best possible outcome. Have a corporate event with featured speakers? Let us know and we can prepare title graphics ahead of time to include in your live show. We can also display your live video production on the venue’s projector screens.

Web streaming

If you have family or friends unable to attend your event, ask us about providing a live web stream so that they can see the video production in real time! We can provide a web streaming link to share via Facebook or email, and if the event is private, we can make it password protected as well.

We’d love to hear from you!

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