Legal Videography

Videotaped Depositions

Our team has many years experience producing video depositions in some of the largest cases tried in Missouri in recent history. We use cameras and microphones of the highest quality to ensure you get the best possible video recording. Your video can be delivered as soon as the next business day in any format you need: DVD Video, MPEG, and MP4. We can also produce DepoView CDs with video synchronized to the transcript.

Picture in Picture Depositions

Our High-Definition Picture-in-Picture (PIP) depositions let you display exhibits from your iPad or laptop onto the video recording. This is a great way to show your documents to the jury along with testimony from your witness simultaneously. You may control the presentation of your exhibits on your own computer, or rely on your experienced videographer to display them on screen and create highlights and callouts at your direction. You can also write on exhibits using your iPad’s stylus during the deposition and then save the changes as a new exhibit.

Picture-in-Picture depositions can also save you trouble by removing the need to bring large binders full of exhibits to every deposition. Just bring digital copies of your exhibits on a USB drive, and they can be viewed on multiple monitors for everyone in the room once you’re ready to display it. If you prefer hard copies or just need to display a new document that hasn’t been scanned, we have a document camera for you to use instead.

Streaming Video

If you have counsel out of town, or can’t make it to the deposition yourself, you can count on our secure, password protected live web stream of video depositions. This is available for both standard or Picture-in-Picture depositions.

Site Inspections

We are well equipped to capture a wide variety of photo and video to support your case. We can document product tests to show equipment failures, showcase property and construction, or capture aerial photo and video. Let us know what you need!

Trial Presentations

When your case comes to trial, we can provide video support to display videos, exhibits, and deposition testimony for the jury. We will provide a projector and screen setup, a laptop for media playback, and speaker system to ensure everyone in the room can see and hear. Your technician will have all of your exhibits ready to go prior to the trial and will be at your command to display whatever you need quickly. As with Picture-in-Picture depositions, we will also be prepared to create highlights and callouts on your exhibits to make it easy for the jury to follow along.

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